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and the end of an era in indiana and washington d.c. as the longest serving republican in the united states senate is ousted from office i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at drscholls.com. ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. spy. the new york times said that he was an intelligence agent for saudi arabia who volunteer to infiltrate the terror group in yemen. he uncovered a so-called " underwear bomb " designed to pass through airports security. al-qaeda wanted him to where the device onto a plane bound the united states and the fbi now has that bomb. a russian plane believed to have 44 people on bo
guangcheng who escaped from house arrest, had reportedly been staying at the united states embassy in beijing. but a friend has informed cnn that chan left the embassy underdress the friend who wishes to remain anonymous said that chinese authorities threatened his family if he did not agree to leave the embassy she claims that chan and his family are not out of danger secretary of state hillary clinton is also in beijing today to begin economic talks with chinese officials ... president obama addressed the nation last night from afghanistan during a surprise visit to that country his trip came on the anniversary of the osama bin laden killing the president signed a strategic partnership agreement with afghan president tommy karzai it promises u.s. support lasting 10 years beyond 2014 which is when nato troops combat role is scheduled to end >> i will not keep americans in harm's way a single day longer than is absolutely required for national security in the united states we must finish the job we began here and in this war responsibly ... >> the president also committed to calling out 23
victims that died over the weekend due to gun violence. he served eight years in the united states coastguard and was having a picnic with his family members and gunshots rang out. he and another man were shot the father was pronounced dead at hospital and worked full-time as a security officer and just purchased a home with his fiancee. family members and residents say the mayor has to make this a top issue. >> she is only 1 years old and does not have a father what am i going to tell her. i will be fine but what am i going to tell my baby how do i explain that bad things happen to good people. >> what is the plan for the people? we don't care what he does for the out-of-towners or the immigrants what is he going to do for the residents that are here every day we are occupied all the time we are prisoners in our own house. we have it so many veterans in this family and we cannot even celebrate a day to honor them without someone leading reallybleeding really? we're live on the south side. >> on the heels of that violent weekend in chicago the mayor will unveil a new strategy is to
of the suspect's describe themselves as anarchists who wanted to send a message to corporations the united states and the government the group had been under scrutiny since last fall reuters is reporting that they considered coming to chicago for the nato meetings the fbi says that the public was never in any danger from the explosive devices because an undercover agent was involved in the explosives were inert the nato host committee is setting up a new websites specifically for nato organizers robert jordan is live at the illinois restaurant association with the latest on a nato summit preparations >>today it was their turn to speak to the membership to answer questions so that all restaurateur's would understand what to expect that weekend of the summit >>there will be 21,200 visitors lots of hotel room 434 is and many many jobs affected here ... >>we are telling people to stay open there will be plenty of business opportunities >>it sounds good but the restaurant owners are not sure the customers will appear ... they're not sure what to expect from the local crowd or the international vis
. since 911 the members have stood beside the united states in afghanistan and for genocide and taken out tyrants in the middle east and the horn of africa ... this is not an alliance that threatens peaceful nations but secures peace in others >> this weekend during the summit what will be discussed? afghanistan we know will be one topic what are some of the others? >> afghanistan is the big challenge to keep the alliance unified. 22 other partners serve with the allies the major international coalition will be together to agree on a strategy for afghanistan as transitions occur. other issues will be capabilities, how do you maintain the core military capabilities when defense budgets are being cut around the world everywhere. how do the allies more closely cooperate on projects to leverage resources and protect. and the partnerships issue ... some things don't define themselves by geography weatherbee piracy or cyber terrorism ... so we will be discussing how we work on a global basis together to combat these threats. that is a new area that is a real focus for the chicago summer >>
but not until sunday. there are strong southerly winds blowing through the united states from the gulf of mexico all the way to the canadian border. we're on the 13th day at or above 80 degrees in the chicago area ... some of the plains states have seen 98 degree temperatures are real heat wave. there is a big dome of warm air pushing temperatures into the 80s this morning to states west of illinois ... the beach communities will be a bit cooler. humidity is 30% we have a dry air the do point is only 42 percent and the pollen counts are low. sunburning times are 20 minutes at 1:55 minutes at 4:00 p.m. you want that sunscreen. is currently 78 degrees university park in wrigley ville people are getting ready for the crosstown classic ... we're in the mid-70s pretty much all around the metropolitan chicago area. that will be the case for a while today. there are some wild fire watcherss in michigan there is a continuing risks of wild fires we're looking at the wind ... out west in colorado. that means we will be windy here tomorrow and on sunday and it will grow more humid. over 1 in. of rain
there will receive after 2014 ... and at a time of tight fiscal conditions in canada the united states and europe how do you maintain the stability required so there'll talks about the value out of existing defense resources otherwise known as smart defense. and discussions about countries that have worked closely with nato and current operations and how we can continue to work with them to it vance our mutual security. >>we had a poll question about the protesters message being cohesive most people feel that it is not but there is overwhelming protest against nato ... why is nato important? >>is there to protect the democracies and free markets we share as allies in the western countries ... that is the fundamental mission an attack against any of us is an attack against all of us we have to come to one another's mutual aid and we have common economic interests ... we also see them making contributions to international insecurity is or instability like libya >>americans have picked up a disproportionate share of the bill for running nato and one could argue that the europeans have been enjoying g
this morning that the united states killed to all card members and a missile strike in yemen on sunday he said the military action was part of a mission to foil the terror plot white house officials say that the so- called of underwear bomb on the plan and the person who was going to wear that are no longer a threat to differences goes more on this passengers have something to think about as they board flights here at o'hare these indiana university students are studying abroad in india must have not heard about the plot ... >> thankfully the caia stop them there are not words to explain how horrible that would be if they did not >> better we caught them instead of finding out after the fact >> there was development of an improved under where bomb in the last several days it would have passed through the airport's security undetected without metal parts. the bomb was more sophisticated than those used in the two failed attacks in 2009 including the underwear bomber and that was supposed to blow up over detroit on christmas day. >> what this makes clear is that this country needs to remai
of the southern united states and a tropical storm beryl is drenching parts of florida and georgia today. the storm has dumped more than 3 in. of rain on the region since coming ashore near jacksonville for last night. all memorial day ceremonies in that area had been canceled. police in the detroit area are looking for the attacker who shot a pregnant woman and then set her on fire. the woman is expected to recover from the pack and early saturday in the detroit suburb of war in michigan police say her hands feet and eyes were taped and bound. she was forced into a vehicle and driven to a location in detroit where someone poured gasoline on her and sat around fire then shot her in the upper back. the woman was able to roll on the ground to put out the fire in and manage to break free from the tape and escape. thankfully an ultrasound test revealed her unborn baby is fine. >> police are investigating whether the man charged with the murder of etan patz confessed to climb to a church group back in the 1980's. this man is charged with choking the six year-old boy 33 years ago in new york
helped the united states track down osama bin laden. the senate panel agreed to cut aid to islamabad by $33 million. that is $1 million for every year of the doctors 33 year sentence. shakeel created a vaccination campaign in order to collect dna samples are round his compound in pakistan. the results led to his capture in death. >> a milestone in a new era of commercial space technology is reached. the space x dragon has docked with the international space station. it has brought food to clothing computers equipment and science experiments. >> coming up next what morgan as i get older i'm making changes to support my metabolism. i'm more active, i eat right and i switched to one a day women's active metabolism, a complete women's multivitamin, plus more -- for metabolism support. and that's a change i feel good about. [ female announcer ] from one a day. we are live from the new york stock exchange for your bloomberg on the money report. the countdown for an extended weekend is on the way. paying rent may also become a bit more stressful rent has risen up by 1.6 % on av
they took unprecedented care to minimize civilian casualties. aircraft from the united states... u-k and france carried out nearly 10-thousand air strikes last year. they were targeting forces loyal to libyan leader muammar gadhafi. an award-winning college marching band will stay suspended through the next academic year .... as the school investigates the hazing death of a band member. florida a&m band member robert champion died after he was beaten during an initiation ritual on the band's bus in orlando last november. p5the schools board of trustees is meeting today to discuss news rules for the band. the school's longtime band director was forced to resign last week. and thirteen people have been charged in connection with champion's death. recently .. it was@í@í revealed about 100 band members were not enrolled in the school last fall. a congressional hearing will be held next week into the secret service sex scandal. the chairmen of the senate and house homeland security committees will lead the probe scheduled for may 23rd. the hearing will focus on agents involved in a pr
employers in the united states will announce more job cuts in april because of the education and government sectors ... there is also a sign that businesses are reaching a limit on how much efficiency they can bring out of workers ... the labor department data shows employee output per hour has declined slightly ... this can be a good thing if you're hunting for work ... more staff will be needed at the beginning of the year ... good news for those looking to refinance or buy a home ... 30 year fixed loans have fallen to a record low ... 3.84% this is the lowest seen since record- keeping began in 1971 ... drops in borrowing costs parallel economic concerns ... and the unemployment situation globally ... the monthly jobs report could move mortgage rates either way ... general motors will launch a new cadillac model in china each year through 2016 stocks are trading lower for the second day in a row ... republicans on a house committee are taking the first formal step toward contempt proceedings against attorney general eric holder. the case involves "operation fast and furious" - a stin
programs in the united states >> if you were watching coverage of the protests last night you saw police superintendent garry mccarthy was at the front lines at several locations he was seen giving orders directing traffic and he assisted in and arrest for police officers were injured yesterday when of them was stabbed in the leg if some officers were seen wearing gas masks but garry mccarthy says there was a miscommunication that he did not call for those mayor emanuel and even the rev. jesse jackson have given superintendent garry mccarthy high marks for his handling of the protests but for garry mccarthy his actions during the nato summit likely cemented his position with the rank-and-file officers in a way his predecessor cannot robert jordan is in the newsroom with that story >> he reminded them to remember their training in not strike out unless provoked with violence >> the superintendent did a great job leading the entire police department today >> the superintendent has two jobs protecting the constitutional rights of the demonstrators marched and command his officers to mai
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13